• DW9
    Three in one superwax riding jacket, detachable bodywarmer
  • DW10
    Camouflage waxed designs. Other patterns also available.
  • DW11
  • DW12
    Lightweight superwax bodywarmer with fleece anti-pill lining.
  • DW13
    Superwax designs for general purpose and nautical sports. Breathable and machine washable.
  • DW14
  • DW15
  • DW16
  • DW17
    Waxed motobike suit Fully featured, extensive detail.
  • DW18
    3 / 4 Length jacket.
  • DW18
DW9 to DW19
Show various designs in waxed and super-wax cloths and breathable coated, cotton performance fabrics. For sports, nautical and general weather wear in various fabric weights and linings.